These are the important actors in the story of Android Beginnings. You will be able to choose among these groups in the sign-up.

The Startup Biotech

The startup biotech is one of the many small companies that have been contracted to work on a specific aspect of the Android research and development. Here, visionaries and techies lead the way to a brighter future, testing things on their Android unit and trying to adapt to a world where they’ve gotten way more important than they ever expected. What are they willing to do for success, and what kind of success?

The Investor Group

The people earning the big money from the direction the world is headed in. They got in early in the Android business, but it is a business with many hurdles. They need to clear some of them, make sure the world knows that there’s no stopping progress. They will cooperate with whatever elements they need in order to convince both the government, the scientists and the commercial interests that Androids are the future – not only for the industry, but for the entire world. Wealth and power is addictive, and the power they have within grasp is far beyond anything they have ever imagined before.

The Corruption Unit

The Corruption Unit is part of the local state police. They are investigating corporate and political corruption, and are currently trying to get to the bottom of a specific case involving a powerful criminal organization and their ties to the Android industry and development. Their loyalties are split, and their methods are unorthodox. What will they uncover in their investigation, and will anyone listen?

The Collective

The Collective are a gathering of friends and partners who live together, who are intimately tied to the other groups at the larp. One of them works in the government, one has police ties, another has ties to the burgeoning Android rights movements, still in its infancy. They reflect the impact that the steady march towards the future has on the people who has to live through it. On what side will they end up, or will their interests cause them to split up?

The Think Tank

The Think Tank are political influencers and analysts who have gotten a very daunting task dropped on them – to solve the Android question for the government. They are the ones who are currently preparing a report on whether the Android research is allowed to proceed further and to develop the many models that the market keeps requesting. How far can you push Androids before the research or sales are unethical or even criminal? That’s the question they are trying to answer, and all of them are out on very deep water. The choices of a few will reverberate through history.

The Syndicate

The criminal syndicate are some of the wealthiest interests behind the dark money that flows into the Android research facilities. They want more Androids, now. Even if Androids cannot harm humans, they are still the perfect drug couriers, sex toys or lookouts or a dozen other functions that a criminal organization might need, all so that the humans involved can escape any kind of punishment. But, the current Androids are too simplistic, too dumb for these uses. So, there needs to be newer, better ones so that the syndicate can prosper, no matter what it takes. The individuals within it at the larp are the ones putting pressure, physical and mental, on the decision makers and lab researchers, so that their bosses get their will through.

The Club House

The Club House is a mix between legal and illegal entertainment, its a bar, a place for dancing and parties but also for discreet meetings between individuals who might not want to be seen out in public together. They even have one of the newest Androids at the Club, something that is seen as disgusting and perverted by many. Why would anyone want to see one of those stand on a dance stage, when it cannot possibly compete with humans doing the same thing? And yet, it is there, to the fascination of some. But, the owner have their eyes set even higher – to be the first club with multiple Androids in a show, everything for the special desires of its clients.