The World

Android Beginnings take place in a world very similar to our own. The biggest difference is that at one point, history took a different turn. Instead of a rapidly expanding digital innovation in the years before 2000, a single discovery changed humanity’s focus to biotechnical research rather than electronic. The current year is not relevant, but it is in a vaguely defined future.


A scientist and visionary called Dana unlocked the secrets of human DNA, understanding it and mapping our genes in a way that no one else understood or fully comprehended. They created the first Androids, the N1 generation. They were genetically designed to lack negative emotional reactions as well as other parts that would be detrimental to performing simple work. Dana also discovered how to pre-program memories into the Android brain designs, albeit in simple fashions. This allowed them to grow Androids with simple skills already taught, straight into their instinctive reactions.

Androids became the perfect workers. They did not suffer, they did not complain, they could work from the moment they were taken out of the vat and they could take care of themselves by satisfying their basic needs without direction.

Actions were taken to make them look less like humans in order to prevent people from being uncomfortable around them. Paintjobs turned out cheaper than modifying their DNA, so a simple pattern was established that could categorize them into different models and could be changed if they were told to perform a new function – a painted line across their eyes.

Culture and Society

The world of Android Beginnings is different from our own in another significant way. Gender, sexuality and the notion of race has all ceased to matter in the present. There are still those who remember how important these things were in the past, but here and now, society is decidedly queer when seen from a participant perspective.

Inequality still exists, where our focus will be economic inequality as well as the vast gap between humans and their Android laborers. Androids have begun taking over large parts of the low-wage labor markets and made it possible to produce things at very cheap prices, but the world is still divided among the haves and have-nots. Society has also gravitated towards a place where fame and ”being someone” is intimately tied to money and wealth, and influencers and videobloggers are part of the elite.

Androids are seen as something close to machines. There aren’t Androids kept in the home, or as companions or anything of the like. They only do simple jobs, often out of sight and out of mind. One might be picking up your trash in the morning or carry something, but society has adapted around them, making their labor as invisible as possible.


We want a faded color palette, with lots of browns, greys and dark colors in general. Things that would not stand out too much in muted lighting and against the color of clouded skies. We want to see mixed gender expressions, with skirts and formal shirts, snug waists and cargo pants and other ways to change up the silhouette. This is near-future noir so go introvert and low key and not shiny techy space opera. If you are richer you can go slightly more fashion show style with asymmetrical and a bit impractical creations.
Avoid traditional uniforms and go for shirts, boleros, ties, matte leather, ponchos, plastic, geometrical shapes or classic suits with modified lapels(or other details).

Here is a costume guide: Costume Guide


Corporate noir
Mixed gender expressions
Everyday practical
Faded synthetic materials

We will add a more fleshed out description of the aesthetics for the different groups at a later stage.

Militaristic(Camouflage, tactical gear, uniforms etc.)
Flashy gadgets that don’t have a function or purpose
Bright colors

For Androids:
Known Androids dress appropriately for their occupation but also emphasize a synthetic aesthetic to minimize compassion and sympathy as humans tend to get annoyed and distracted if the laborers could be confused for a human. This is done by applying a makeup mask that joins the eyes over the bridge of the nose. Smooth foundation with a plastic feeling or slightly odd lenses are nice add-ons too. As Androids are almost indistinguishable from humans on a biological level, this is an ingame alteration of looks that all Androids carry out.