We made Androids to make the world a better place.
We made them for the simple jobs, the hard work.
Work that humans did not want, so that we could live better lives.

Androids were made like self-sustaining automatons,
born from human DNA, eating and sleeping, never complaining.
They have no feelings, no remorse, no boredom.
That’s how we designed them.
Our saviours, they will carry humanity into the future.
They will deliver us from the darkness of the past.

But, some of us want more.
Always more.


The larp is finished! Thank you to everyone who was part of it, both helping out or playing it. Here is the full credit list:


Site Coordinator
Christer Edvardsson

Robin Landal

Karin Obermüller
Johnny Karhinen

Builders & Teardown/Cleaning
Stine Marie Haugen
Emilia Korhonen
Tim Gremalm
Josefin Brosché Hagsgård
Ann Christensen
Kol Ford
Rebel Rehbinder
Martin Petterson
Elin Gissén
Klaus-Yngve Pedersen
Johan Nylin
Jennie Lindahl
Asgeir Persson

Runtime Assistants
Kol Ford
Rebel Rehbinder

Noodle Bar
Emelie Lang
Ellen Norling

Stefan Lunneborg

Character Writing
Freja Gyldenstrøm
Julia Woods

As well as participants helping us tear down right after the larp!


This is a story of greed, of lust, of compromised morals and quick decisions. About humanity and our dreams, and how easy we lose sight of the bigger picture.

It is a story about a city where the rain has yet to fall, in a world closely resembling ours.


Android Beginnings is a larp by Atropos about the creation and development of the Androids and the choices made that paved the way for the future depicted in the Androids Trilogy. It is not necessary to know anything about that trilogy in order to enjoy the larp.